Your 20’s, a Time to Live not Leave!

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I never knew that a day would come when I would feel like this. I always deemed myself to be a being above all the mayhem caused by such unpredictable situations. Now, the universe had decided to burst my bubble. I had to face danger in the face and either lose or triumph. Would I emerge victorious?

All along I’ve heard people motivate others claiming that the 20’s are the ages when you can afford to take risks, live a little, push harder, work harder, invest, build a business, get a degree even a Master’s degree as well, optimize those ages in any and always possible. Because then, we’ll have the energy to do anything and even if we fail, we’d really have nothing to lose. However, nobody really ever cares to find out whether we really have nothing to lose.

I have come face to face with despair sadness and depression. I have met friends and family who live through depression and the only thing that changes is their mental state. They’ll smile laugh and even have fun with everyone else but when they get back to the confines of their minds, scenes of “1000 Ways to Die!” are all they think about.

When you give something your everything even the very air you breathe. You give it your mind body and soul, then as you near the threshold of success, some wayward character decides to sabotage you. Or your loved ones decide to tell you that whatever you are doing is not worth your time. Of course you might claim that, this should be no excuse for discouragement but think about it this news headline:


A 22-year-old young man was found dead in his room after three days of failing to leave his house. Neighbors claim that every evening, they would cook and have meals together in order to spend less money since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. They got worried about his absence without any form of communication and after enough waiting, they decided to approach the caretaker, after which they had to break down the door to his house. The 3rd year Electrical Engineering student at (JKUAT) Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, had slit his jugular vein on the side of his neck and bled to death on his bed. His room was well-organized and didn’t emit any odour of rotting flesh since he had tuned his air freshener to maximum. On his table, we’re found documents indicating that he owned one of the fastest growing e-commerce websites and after almost a year of working with limited resources he tried asking his parents for help but they told him to concentrate on his studies first saying that his idea would never work in a Kenyan economy. One piece of paper was written in blood saying, “IF IT CAN’T, I CAN’T TOO!” He ran into despair and decided to take his life. His business is currently valued at 100 MIL USD, an equivalent of approximately KES 10.4 BILLION but he could not raise KSH. 50,000 for the optimisation of the website. It’s a sad state of affairs for the family and friends of this young man.

Many young people go through the feeling of despair and inadequacy everyday. They cruise through their 20’s wondering if they will ever make it. Pressure to succeed comes from all fronts but nobody cares to ask them whether they are okay. How they are dealing with everything and how can they be assisted to make things easier for them. Maybe it’s because our older generation moreso, in African countries, never believe in the ability of the young generation to actually be focused enough to do anything tangible with their lives.

Hey you. Whomever you might be, wherever you might come from, as long as you’re in your 20’s never give up! It might get hard, and it actually will, but always remember, you might be the next billionaire yet you don’t even realize it yet. Get up every morning and take it as a new clean canvas to paint your deepest and greatest fantasies on. Remember, you don’t have to be a Pablo Picasso and make it as breathtaking, but all you need to do is to be you. In all your messy, clean, perfect imperfections. You do whatever you can in whatever direction you want to go and watch as your garden of bush and fresh planted flowers, grows into an orchard of bliss and beauty.

By: AK. Stine


4 thoughts on “Your 20’s, a Time to Live not Leave!

  1. Quite a read…. Thank you for talking about what they don’t mind to think about, leave alone telling us…

  2. This is so profound🌺🌺 20-year-olds really feel the pressure to succeed and that can get really hard.

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