Would You Love Me? He said

Would you tell me if I was the first thing that came to your mind every morning when you woke up?

Or would it sound so weird and foreign to your ears that you’d not dare think about it even for a moment?

Ushering me into the depths of your humongous cozy heart seems like a far-fetched, piped dream

Letting me see the good, bad and evil crevices of your complex, pure and contrite spirit

Daring me to leave and never look back since disappointment is all you’ve ever known

You feel it will be different this time but you cannot lose the skepticism you are very much accustomed to

Ominous thoughts barricade the gateway to the bliss that is promised on the other side of “nirvana”

Ubergeeky vibes all over, secretly wishing I’d lose interest fast enough so you wouldn’t feel responsible

Like it wouldn’t be the first time somebody lost interest anyway…

Over the past many months you’ve been reassuring yourself, “I am not the greatest human colossal fail”

Very satisfied with your circle, secretly hoping for prince charming to sweep you off your feet

Everything seems fine until it’s not fine anymore, when being alone morphs into loneliness

Maybe for once give him a benefit of doubt. Let them show you what they have to offer

Etch their names onto your heart and never let go. Otherwise, what would your life really be all about?

By: K3ysp3rk©


19 thoughts on “Would You Love Me? He said

  1. Grandiloquent and ornate piece, suffice enough to say Bravo.! Great work…👌🏻

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