Who is a man?

Who is a man? Yup. Tell me. Huxley asked me that question once and that really catalyzed a spam of subsequent cataclysmic reactions that trust me, were so embarrassing on my part.

Oh sorry I almost forgot you’re not privy of the characters presented in this discussion. Huxley is a friend of mine actually a close one. My neighbour and one hell of a fun guy. Well the rest of them will just be supporting characters anyway😏😝. It was one eventful day, if I may say. A friend to a friend visited and we began having some pretty heartfelt convo about how guys react to shit that girls more often than not, give them. That’s some pretty strong language for the feminists in the house but i beg not to be quoted. Cut me some slack and lemme rant for once😈. So, where was I? Yeah, so the visitor was a lady. Pretty gorgeous curvy and a perfect 8….. In figure😉. She said, and I quote, ” You men are heartless dogs with no feelings and a don’t care attitude. That’s why girls can dump a guy and not feel that they’ve done anything to him that he can’t handle.” Well, if I may say, we guys can handle even the worst kind of pain which is heartbreak on a superficial level but inside we’ll be burning with rage and smoldering hot brimstone. But one good thing is that there’s always an antidote for it. From the “A rebound a day keeps the heartbreak away.” Wise words from a wise man. But the elephant in the room. WHO IS A MAN? What is a man defined by? Is a man defined by his valour? Because in countless ages before, the cowards lived long enough to cater for their families. Is a man defined by his wealth? Because in this 21st Century most of the wealthy men we know lead awfully lonely lives. Is a man defined by his stature? Because myriads of campus girls would pick a potbellied sponsor over a campus jock with a super toned body. Is a man defined by the kinda girlfriend he has? Because trust you me all relationships would never have to break if that was the case. Is a man defined by his words? Because Shakespeare would have married the goddess of beauty, Athena, but well, that never happened. Is a man defined by his work? Because if that was so, the C.E.O.’s and owners of multi billion dollar companies would lead the happiest lives ever. Is a man defined by his swag? Because guys who purchase trending clothing would at least ever get content.

#The Wanjigi Challenge…. trending a.f. Articulate, perpetuate concentrate, accentuate then Mitigate. A man is defined by whatever he wants to be defined by. That’s why there’s the aspect of prevalences, favourites as well as aspirations among men of countless ages.

But more so, a man is defined by his capacity.

The ability of a man to go beyond considerable measures of known standards to accomplish extraordinarily in ordinary situations is what’s capacity. With this, men become tolerant in adverse situations and relentless in pursuing their goals. In all honesty, I can openly say that men go through more cases of heartbreak than women do. Keeping in mind the fact that being turned down by a girl you like is inclusive. Well, men, be men and not allow testosterone to think for you. Know your capacity and never settle for less. If anyone screws you over, Karma does it all. 😉😀👊

Hey…. I am your Karma👇


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