When Love Was Love!

The Midweek Euphoria

I remember the day we met like, just like it was yesterday
Your shapely figure alluring and begging me to touch, but it was all a fantasy
That I had developed in my brain, which harbored thoughts of you with me, relentlessly
In my head, I had already made you mine and no man was allowed to touch you utterly
You were my property, not to own, but to have and to hold dearly
I loved you more than life itself, I know it was stupidity
But having you as my girl made know that I was alive, that I could make you happy.
And it was love without question, the feelings that we had, when we made our first connection
We were getting high, I think on love potion
Cupid gave us “life”, to explore this new portion
That existed in our lives, and now we had addiction
I couldn’t sleep without saying goodnight to you
I couldn’t wake up and do what I had to do, without talking to you
My phone became my love when you were away
The distance made my heart grow fonder
So I finally did what I had to. I asked you to be my one and only
I needed the assurance that I would never be lonely

young couple showing affection to each other
Photo by Nathan Martins on Pexels.com

And you gifted me you love and your heart, oh what a story
This story which ended up with me on the far sidelines, watching from a distance
As another man took you for himself, and I was crushed at that instance
Holding on to dear life only by a mere flimsy thread of hope, for better days ahead
All I do now is hold on to the memories we made, the things we said
And the promises we promised to keep. I keep wondering what wrong I did
As I repeatedly play out your words like a musical chorus in my brain
It’s not you, it’s me. But how could it not be me if there were no good byes,
No sorry(s) and absolutely no reasonable cause
Well, let the roses of passion incinerate, then the bounds of affection obliterate.
But hey, I love you I still do, BUT AS A FRIEND!

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