Issue #2

If there were beauty pageants for girls with curves in all the right places, she would win the award; not once, not twice, not even thrice… Her body as it was made my young man misbehave whenever she was around. I loved to hate her for the pain she caused me whenever she was away, but the joy she gave me when her mouth massaged my head and her soft hand cupping my balls as she diligently pleasured me, made me forgive her instantly. She was a goddess in her own right. Athena was really no match for her.

woman sits on gray textile

Her bright chocolate skin, her sharp brown eyes, her graceful poise and her gentle astute nature were all the qualities I deemed fit for a woman. My woman. And right now, as we were having our dinner before dinner, I just wished that I could get DINNER before dinner. Her lips, pink and moist called me from afar. Her cleavage deep and wide open for me to see, seemed to long for my touch. Her thighs which I could see through the glass surface of the dinner table: were glistening with oil that she had applied after her shower just a few minutes ago. I doubted she put on anything beneath that flimsy dark, lace lingerie that I got her last weekend.

woman wearing beige blouse holding glass

Her eyes never left my stare and as she took a napkin, dabbed the food oil from her lips and bit them gently while brushing her finger tips on her chest slightly pushing the robe to the side and deepening the view of her cleavage; as she slowly opened her legs wider and pulled the piece of cloth higher up her thigh leaving only her honey pot covered, I knew she was calling to me. Daring me to come make her beg me to take her right there on the table. But would I give in?

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Would I glide my inches of muscle slowly and into deep into her to bring to surface all her deepest darkest desires? Would I make her grip tightly onto my arms as I looked straight into her eyes whilst pounding gently into her and inflicting pain and pleasure, making her building orgasm destroy and unravel her in ways like never before? Did she really know what she was doing to me right now? Or maybe she thought that she would fuel this fire of desire deep set within me and get away scot free.

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She was going to pay. I would make sure of it. And right there and then I decided to play. I must win. I will win. I took out my now fully erect dick and held it out for her to see. I never took my eyes off her beautiful face as I saw horror washing over her face. She was shocked that I would dare do that. Her hands were now cupping her mouth keeping a gasp at bay. I took a life from the table and looked at it smiling. She had now stood from her seat and her eyes could betray the fear and confusion running through her mind. She could not mouth anything coherent and all her mouth did was open and shut as if she was now dumb and trying to find her voice.

board with pears and honey near grapes

I took an orange from the table, cut both sides off to leave the shape of a frustum. Then I cut off a cylinder in the middle and held the remaining fruit in my hands. I could see her face somewhat relieved that I wasn’t going to hurt myself, but now she knew what was going through my mind and she loved the idea already. So she slowly walked towards me taking the orange from me; kissed my hands and went down on her knees to give me the grape-fruiting of a lifetime. As her head bobbed up and down my shaft and the juices from the orange flowed down my groin mixed with her saliva, all I could do is hold my seat tightly and refrain myself from gasping for she was quickly and quite eagerly taking me off the edge.

My orgasm was coming. I was going to cum and she was longing for it. She pushed me deeper into her throat and began squeezing me even harder causing palpitations within her mouth and I could hold it in no longer. I exploded in her mouth, with my legs jerking violently as she drank it all while still sucking onto me as if it were a baby’s bottle that was oozing milk. She had relieved me and now, it was her turn to pay.

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