Unravel Me

Issue #1

The look in his eyes sent me a message that it was now or never. He gazed into my eyes making me uneasy, something he did without any effort because he knew very well that, that was the only way he was going to hypnotize me.

It had been a long time since I saw him, and today I had the obligation to pick him up from the airport. Seeing him after three weeks made me feel like I was meeting him for the first time. I could feel the tingles between my legs like my body knew that its owner was around. We ran into each other’s arms and I could feel his chest pressing on mine. He made sure that every inch of the skin on our bodies was in contact with each other. And indeed I could feel his already erected member pressing hard on my abdomen. He indeed was in need and not fighting it at all.

“Let’s get out of here as fast as possible.” He whispered into my ear.
We got into the car and drove off as fast as we could to our house, someone would think there was an emergency somewhere, but indeed there was, we needed to quench the lustful fire that was burning deep within us, else it would take us over.

We didn’t even bother getting his stuff from the vehicle, all we could think of was how we were going to get entangled into the blissfulness of hot blistering love-making. He kissed me deeply as he consequently dug his teeth into my lips making me want him more. My hands were all around his neck while his long muscular arms were stretched out to my ass while he grabbed them pulling me closer to his hard member. He saw the need to speed things up a bit, and the journey to the bedroom seemed too long and his longing too strong.

So he looked at me deep into my eyes at the bottom of the stairs and while biting his bottom pink lip, he said, “I want you now!” He cupped my ass causing a reaction from me and making me kiss him deeply. I had on a short dress so it wasn’t hard for him to raise it a little bit to get to where he really wanted to be. He pushed me to the wall as he unbuttoned his trousers as fast as he could as if he was afraid that the fire would burn out.

Or was it because he knew that I didn’t like waiting when it came to this? When his trousers were down, exposing his erected dick under his boxers, it made me want to just get it inside me. I was pressed hard against the wall, while he was busy trying to make things easier from his end as if I would break free. The only freedom I truly desired at that moment was the freedom from my 3-week dry spell.

Once he was done, he looked around for a place to make me helpless, and that’s when he saw the dining table. He carried me up there and smashed my face onto the table while he tore my dress into halves; Just like that, I had another dress to buy. He didn’t remove my thong and instead slid it to my left ass-cheek, exposing my wet pussy. I looked at him, and I could see him smirking as if to say “this is going to be a fun ride.”

I was lost in a trance when I realized he was already pushing his hard member inside me. I could feel a mixture of pleasure and pain. Pain because my vaginal muscles were trying to adjust to the new force acting on them bearing the fact it had been 3 weeks since somebody did some stretching to them. I felt pleasure because his dick was hitting my g-spot and his balls rubbing my clitoris. He slid it on and out slowly knowing fully well that I needed time to adjust to the girth of his penis.

And once it was all inside, he increased his momentum while my mouth was responding to this profound pleasure. And he continued pushing it in and out as fast as he could, the faster he went, the more noise came out of my mouth and also the collision between his abdomen and my ass. That seemed to motivate him even more. I bet he wished that his balls would not have been any hindrance. I knew he wanted it all in me.

I kept screaming as I felt my orgasm hit me HARRDDD! I heard him say, “yes baby, pour it all on me.” He gave me one deep last stroke and let out a deep groan and went on to shove his penis even deeper inside me. I felt his cum inside me and his hands caressing my curves. He was just waiting for me to cum first before he followed in quick succession.

Once we both came down from the influence of endorphins, he pulled his penis out of me slowly, and I could feel my muscles contracting to make me feel hollow. Like a core part of me was being detached from my being. I turned helplessly and tried standing on my feet but I couldn’t, I just slumped directly onto the cold hard floor with a little cushioning from his hands letting me go down slowly. He joined me and we lay there panting and smiling at each other happily. This indeed was the best exercise.

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