The Petty things

It’s always the picture not the frame they’d say. But why would we want to put the picture on a frame if the frame didn’t matter?
The first thought that came to mind was which pictures are framed? And the answer was easy the ones we treasure. So my picture just had to be in a frame coz I loved my picture it seemed precious, you know, the kind you don’t want destroyed or poorly handled.
I wanted to display our art work in a picture frame as a protective package so I could display it without any fear of contamination or misinterpretation of just being a common piece or so. To me it was much more than that. I loved my picture maybe more than I should have. I loved it so much that if I couldn’t frame it I couldn’t keep it because, I couldn’t share it’s beauty.
So I tore it and it hurt me like hell but keeping it and not being able to share it even with the ones who matter was more painful. Sometimes the frame is just as important as the picture.

By: K3ysp3rk©

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