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The Mystery of Dreams


If anyone had told him that he would be the wealthiest man in the entire world at some point in his youth, he probably would have relaxed and waited for the wealth which would never have come in that manner. The mystery associated with the life of humans anchored him to his work. He learnt dedication, consistency and diligence which he employed in every aspect of his life. He knew that he was destined for greatness and anyone could tell by the way he carried himself. The aura around him was laden with calmness, peace of mind and work holism. Some of his loved ones told him that he worked too much and that he needed to take a break but he could not. His mind would fight him with nightmares of how much of a failure he would be if he ever relaxed as they told him to. Kingsley, also believed in the saying, ‘if the force comes from without, life is lost, but if it comes from within, life is achieved’. These words rang in his mind over and over every day at 2am in the morning like an alarm that always woke him up.

            While Kinsley’s nights were filled with satisfaction from a fulfilling hard day’s work, his mornings were filled with doubt, fear and a sense of in achievement. But why would the CEO of a thriving business feel that way? Nobody would understand his reasons for constantly obsessing over his fate. By all societal standards, he had achieved so much more than other people would have dreamed of in one lifetime. Seemingly, his life goals were far beyond the comprehension of mere mortals as he preferred to refer to them. He had a dream, but that dream would not achieve itself. He had to work even harder than he had, ever before. The pursuit for money and power as was the norm for other people, was distasteful for him. Even though he really did not know what his end goal was, he knew that he still was far from achieving it.

            Vistar Corporations was a conglomerate, founded, owned and built by Kingsley from scratch. To date, he remembers how he told his dad that by 25, he would be as rich as some billionaire he saw on TV and his dad told him that his, was simply a piped dream. Several years after his dad’s sentiments, he is 26 and by far wealthier than the man he saw on the TV that day. He wondered what his dad would say, was the reason for the words he uttered to him on that day. Unfortunately, he probably would never know since their relationship was strained. Kingsley always told his dad of his dreams and ambitions but his dad, always told him that those were unachievable and obscene desires that had no place in his thoughts. However, he told him that his college degree would be of much greater benefit to him than his silly childish dreams.

            Even though heartbroken at the fact that nobody at home was willing to believe in and encourage him, Kingsley still kept hope alive. One day, while heading to a coffee shop right around the corner before going to school, he bumps into Elena who is in sophomore year at a neighbouring University. Elena is the spectacle of beauty that Kingsley always dreamt about, besides his life goals. In the collision, both of their bags fall on the ground and they both bend to pick them while uttering their apologies. They look into each other’s eyes and in a split second admire each other. As Kingsley walks off to get his coffee, he cannot help but think about Elena who introduced herself to him. Apparently, she was the chatty kind and almost told him her ‘entire life history’ in their five minutes of interaction, but he found it fascinating. In those five minutes, he had fell in love with Elena. She was smart, with a great personality and most importantly, she was funny. Who would think that KINGSLEY, of all people could smile at anyone? Most people feared him, finding him too serious and intimidating, but Elena did not. He knew she was the one and hoped that they would meet again since he didn’t get her number.

            Kingsley had a rough day at school. He loved technology, but his professors seemed to think that passion for something was not quite important in understanding the key concepts, but that is how he functioned. He needed to like something in order to do it to the best of his ability and that made him seem smarter to other people than he actually thought he was. Kingsley decided to go to his favourite shop in the mall to get a chilled glass of mango juice which was actually his favourite drink. After taking his drink from the counter he sees someone seated in his favourite booth and when he asks Joy – the girl at the counter who is one of his friends – she tells him that the girl at his spot frequents the facility and always sits at that very spot, only that today, they both happened to be there at the same time.

            Coincidentally, Elena is the one seated in his booth and the anger that was initially boiling inside him dissipates instantly, once she sees him and smiles at him while hugging him and asking him to sit with her. They talk about their mutual liking for the spot they are seated in which Kingsley awkwardly finds comforting instead of it being as disturbing as it would have been to find anyone else seated there. From that day onwards, they became good friends and a few dates later, Kingsley asked her to be his girlfriend, to which she said yes. At this point in life, everything seemed perfect and Kingsley thought to himself that nothing would now come in the way of his and happiness, for he had found his joy, Elena.

            Elena was the best a man could ask for. She saw Kingsley’s desire to become a better man. A man that wanted the best for himself and his loved ones. She loved him despite how much he irked her sometimes. He had some tendencies to shut everyone off sometimes when things were not working for him, but she always comforted him. Kingsley however, never stopped showing her love, affection and care at any point in their lives together. No matter how much he wanted to become closed off, he always showed Elena that he loved her and nothing would change that. Elena had also come from a difficult family. She also had dreams and desires that weighed down on her soul. Finding Kingsley was akin to finding a genie that would grant all her wishes. She found someone to confide in and a partner to encourage her even in the darkest of times. They were meant for each other and Elena was not about to let go of this god of a man she had found. She felt lucky to have found him and was grateful that she did, when she did.

            Today, Kingsley is headed to Beirut for business. He told Elena who now lives with him, that he would be gone for a week because he needed to close some business deal that he had been working on for the past few months. Elena was a baby about it as usual but he loved it, since it always assured him that she still, did love him. Kingsley had planned to propose to Elena during this trip and had made plans and bookings to the most exquisite restaurants. The business deal that he was going to close that week was the biggest he had ever imagined possible and would catapult his company to growth and establishment in 25 major cities all around the world. In essence, he would have company headquarters in 25 different countries in the world. He had worked so hard and finally, his efforts were beginning to pay off. You would think that he was excited about the company, but he wasn’t. He also wondered why but he just ignored it anyway.

            Kingsley closed the deal on a Thursday of that week and decided to finally enact his plan which was to fake sickness and get Elena to come to Beirut to check on him in ‘hospital’. The hotel in which he had made reservations was supposed to have the front main entrance reconditioned to look like a hospital and she would be led up to ‘his room’ where he had been admitted, only to find him waiting for her alongside 14 people that were wearing printed t-shirts that spelt “WILL YOU MARRY ME”. Elena came in and was shocked to find Kingsley on one knee with the most beautiful diamond ring that she had ever seen in a casket, in his hand and the people behind him waiting in apprehension for her answer. Elena just nodded her head at him and gave him her hand on which he put the ring. She was in tears and at that point, Kingsley then realized that all along, this was it. All that he had desired was now in front of him and around him. His success was not limited to the fancy houses, private jets, expensive clothes, expensive cars and shoes that he owned, but the love he gave and received from Elena, was the only last missing piece of the puzzle. He had achieved it all in due time and was glad that it had all happened the way it did, because now he could be the genie to grant all his wife’s wishes. Life really works itself out in mysterious ways.


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