The Chains

And each time he tore her heart just a little more..
He didn’t see he hurt and rewounded her scars..
The wounds that he himself had nursed…
The more he hurt her the more her heart beat for him…
Waiting for things to get better..
She kept her hopes high and let her doubts die..
Each time he disappointed her, she apologised to him..
The chains…
To herself she thought.. ‘isn’t it said.. better the devil you know’?
By herself she sat.. and cried… she wished to say no…!!
But she was tied.. in soo deep… She was in love so bad
She tried… by herself to keep… But still wished, him she had.
The chains…
He lived like she never existed falling in love over n over again.
She believed, in her heart he would have exited, falling above her head in pain.
She berieved on thoughts of him and their memories together again.
How could he not see her agony, how could he not bare her pain?
She thought this over and over again to no gain. She was up so tied.
The chains…

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