Stingy, or Financially Mature?

“You know what, you are very stingy! Yes! Very stingy! I mean, what kind of man wants his woman to account for the money he gave her to go house shopping!?” The words of a bitter lady in the middle of the night. So, I stay in some apartment flats in the suburbs of Nairobi city and with our current lockdown situation, one is bound to seek out entertainment. The Corona virus pandemic, having rendered us scared, skeptic and craving confinement, we have very little or nothing to do, save for Netflix and chill or binge watching. Maybe even work out from time to time considering the amount of calories we consume every passing minute. Therefore, for an opportunity to experience a real life “reality show” manifest itself right before your eyes, must be a luxury in itself.

Mike, is the third floor tenant in this building. He is a good-looking guy of 27 years. Works at one of the most prestigious companies in the world and prides himself in a monthly paycheck consisting of a few too many zeros after the 6. He drives Toyota Landcruiser V8, 2019 model. He is comfortable. Melody is one tiny-bodied human who just happens to be Mike’s girlfriend and soon to become fiancee: that’s if she didn’t screw up her chances last night through her incoherent helluv rant.

Where do we draw the line between stingy and financially mature? Relationships end because of this very reason and as my nous tries figuring it out, I cannot help but wonder, what if it’s just a go-to card; an excuse to let people down easy? It has been proven “without reasonable doubt” that ladies are the worst at breaking things up. They’ll destroy you make you crave death even. Masters of deception they are too, but we, men still have the capacity for love to this species that make us vulnerable, push our buttons to the point of breakdown. All in the name of love.

Love is one the most beautiful things that can destroy us in all the wonderfully worst ways. Quite a paradox it is. But my query still remains, when am I or am I not considered stingy despite my alleged class or financial status? Money is indeed the root of all evil but I’d rather have the entire forest to myself any day!

By: AK. Stine


3 thoughts on “Stingy, or Financially Mature?

  1. A good piece especially the beginning Thought it was going to answer the question above unlucky me.

  2. Such an excellent work indeed, personally I don’t think if I’m stingy or financially mature I just can’t tell

    1. Well,, you realize some people may take being economical for being hard-handed­čśé. It’s all a delicately relative subject of discussion.

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