Sometimes it’s One time. 🤦‍♂

Sometimes it’s the novels that I read, that remind me of how amazing it was to be with you.
Sometimes it’s the nature in which couples shower each other with love and affection in my presence.
Sometimes it’s probably a smile from the pretty girl at the bar scrutinizing and fucking me with her eyes.
Sometimes it’s the inappropriate rubbing of her blossom on my crotch by the sexy waiter.
Sometimes it’s the burst of adrenaline the girl next door joins me in my morning jog and bends over exposing everything for me to see while she stretches.
Sometimes it’s the scent of your cologne that my new secretary wears that constantly reminds me of you, which is why I fired her in the first place.
Sometimes it’s the gay gym instructor feeling out my bum as he illustrates what specific muscles I should stretch more, knowing fully which muscle he really wants to help me stretch😏.
Sometimes it’s my best friend’s girlfriend who called me last night to fix her AC since it was too hot this summer, yet she was wearing only miles of skin beneath her slightly-below ass length, nightgown.
Sometimes it’s the 57-year old new branch director feeling up my member while scolding me in my face for delaying on delivery of some paper work to her desk this morning.
Sometimes it’s the alluring scent of your knickers that I decided to keep the first time we had slutty wedding 🍆🍑💧, which is where it all began.
Sometimes it’s 70-year old couple running the coffee shop and showing a lot of PDA while at it, around the corner where I pass by daily as I head to work.
Sometimes it’s the one time smile directed in my direction that brought me hopelessly crashing, helplessly falling in love with you. 🤦‍

By: K3ysp3rk©


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