Sex in the City. Fine print

Drip! Drop! The faulty faucet in the kitchen sink lets water splatter onto the pool it makes
My perversion knows no bounds as I vividly recall the body fluids you just recently sprayed all over me
Melancholy was your plight when you came to me begging me to make you forget your ex

The way you rushed into my open arms kissing, holding onto, and crying, even without saying hi
And there I was, stupidly stunned, even bewildered, but obliged without question

Your aching body scorches me like a rapidly razing amazon and I see no other means to achieve burnout
Forgive my weakness and desire for your nubile body, for all I need is; to fit into you my entire girth
My body gives into your every want and desire; you, the master and me your gullible submissive

I fall to my knees to worship at thine alter of ‘holy water’ and incense as the clock goes tic toc
I don’t want to count the seconds that go by whilst we revel in blissful pleasure but I
I cannot help but realize that it’s been 4 hours and we just rammed in, two sessions of pure lust
We are now spent and the logic resurfaces and I want to make you stay but.., be mine my Lady?

By: K3ysp3rk©


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