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Date of Submission: April 18, 2021

Service Encounters Report:

Satisfactory Service Provider – Guanghui Automobile Service Co., Ltd.


            Guanghui Automobile Service Co., Ltd. is one of the leading car service providers and passenger car dealership in China. The company prides itself in being a leading service provider with an extensive number of luxury and used passenger cars. The company has combined efforts with leading car manufacturers in China to keep their car portfolio at top notch state. With outstanding innovation in technology and service provision, Guanghui Automobile has been able to maximise the use of technology to serve their customers faster and more efficiently. To provide their services, they utilize the use of a huge number of service personnel and numerous company locations all over the country. Once a customer places a car request order for a certain vehicle to use for an event for instance, the vehicle takes up to 2 hours to reach the point of reconnaissance. As such, it takes very little time for users to receive the service.

Customer Experience

Reasons for need

Early in February, this year we had a company event to recognize the exemplary workers of my place of work for the year 2020. Despite the slowing of business due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we still worked at home through team effort and increased dedication to the company. As such, the management deemed it fit that they reward the efforts of the workers that performed exemplarily during that period and offered others encouragement and support. I needed to lease a vehicle to attend the event since public transport was not available at the time and it would be more convenient for me to use private means of transportation.

Service provision experience

After placing my request, it took only 35 minutes for a crisp clean vehicle was brought outside my apartment after which the driver came in and took my information for later billing once I returned the car. The young man was well-dressed, polite and thoroughly helpful with helping me understand the various clauses in the agreement that I was to append my signature upon and made sure that all my questions as appertaining to the same were sufficiently answered.

According to company policy, the driver could step in as my driver for the duration of lease or I could drive myself so long as I had a valid driver’s license. To this, I politely declined because I was planning to spend the night at one of the hotel rooms because I wouldn’t want to inconvenience him, had I been drunk by the end of the evening.

On inspection of the vehicle before the driver left, he provided instructions on every function of the vehicle and also gave me necessary contacts to call in the event that I ran into any trouble in the course of my leasing period. The vehicle was in good shape and we confirmed that by taking a test-drive round a few blocks from my house. Once we returned, he left me with the keys and said that I could either call the office to come pick the vehicle or I could bring it to one of their nearest offices in my city. I thoroughly enjoyed the service provided to me by the company’s personnel.

Satisfaction Levels

CriteriaSatisfaction Level (1: extremely dissatisfied, 7: extremely satisfied)
Service Quality     1          2          3          4          5          6          7    
Order Processing     1          2          3          4          5          6          7    
Store Environment     1          2          3          4          5          6          7    
Staff Management     1          2          3          4          5          6          7    
Payment     1          2          3          4          5          6          7    
Post-purchase Service     1          2          3          4          5          6          7    
Overall Satisfaction     1          2          3          4          5          6          7    

Sources of Satisfaction and Delight inclusive of concepts

            To elaborate on the sources of satisfaction that I felt, I shall use the servqual model, the model will help explain the nature of service, the attitude portrayed by the personnel and the eventual after-sales-services.


Service DimensionsSource of satisfaction and confidence
ReliabilityProvision of tried and trusted service spanning from their numerous years of experienceDelivery of the vehicle was done long before the required timeVehicle was in pristine shape and was easy to useProvision of free driver services to my destinationQuick and easy-to-fill lease agreement that offered me security in the event that the vehicle broke down before my usage duration was depletedPolite staffVehicle disinfected and aerated before use
AssurancePersonnel was well-equipped with all necessary informationAll questions answers provided to my satisfactionProvision for car test-drive before release to me for use
TangiblesStaff are required to wear clean neat clothing and portray an aura of professionalism at all timesSafety clothing, i.e., facemasks and gloves donned to ensure no contamination
EmpathyTreat every customer with decency and politenessEnsure that service user understands how to use machinery properly before releaseOffered emergency contacts in case any may arise
ResponsivenessQuick, experienced and professional help and apt to respond in light of any queriesVery helpful with the leasing process considering that it was my first time to use such a service
Sources of Pleasure in Common Themes


            The company worker was trained adequately to enable him find solutions to whatsoever problems that may arise in the course of provision of the service. The company trained him to understand how to hand the intricacies of vehicle operation, service, legal and contractual clauses and customer handling. As such, my questions and inquiries on how the service works and the requirements thereof were considered and addressed properly. I was able to understand my role and ensure that I was privy to the implications of breach.


            I had initially though that the leasing service would cost me a huge fortune since I had requested for a luxury vehicle. However, the cost implication was pocket-friendly and came with other friendly perks like the opportunity to have a 15% discount on my next leasing. As such, the company offered me incentive to use their service again.

            Guanghui Automobile Service Co., Ltd. pleased me with their service from start to end. I loved their treatment and incentives that helped me desire to use their service again. In summary, I appreciated their service and would recommend them to every person in my social circle.


            My initial expectations were that the service would be expensive for the kind of vehicle I wanted to use. I also though that they would simply bring me the vehicle without cleaning or disinfecting it and expect me to cater for it. I was however enthralled by their exquisite and personalized service and comfort they rendered me as a first-time-ever car lease holder.

Further Measures

            In light of my amazing experience with company, I would advise that they uphold the very same virtues in the training g and orientation of new personnel. Skilling their workers to do all necessary tasks and answer all customer questions will enable them to continue being a successful company in the auto car service industry in China and globally.

Unsatisfactory Service Provider – Xianglong Borui Auto Services (Group) Co., Ltd.


            Xianglong Borui Auto Services (Group) Co., Ltd. is a passenger auto car service provider and car dealer in China. The company has hundreds of dealer outlets and service centres all over China and has established itself as a major player in the auto service industry. The company is part of a strategic cooperation agreement of the “AutoStreets”(AutoSt./ (www.autostreets.com)) platform that holds its basis on the auto dealer O2O platform. As a result, Xianglong Borui Auto Services, is part of a group of similar companies that pooled their efforts in a bid to bring their physical company operations up to speed with the rapidly changing world. Through such efforts, the company is able to advertise and provide their services online through the O2O platform thereby reaching a greater audience.

Customer Experience

Reasons for need

            Last week we went for a camping trip with a few of my friends and in the course of our travel our car broke down so we had to call the nearest auto service shop to come tow us from the woods. Unfortunately, we had not arrived at the intended destination and since we had a bit of time ahead of us, decided to get our car repaired at the shop before we got back on our way.

Service provision experience

            After having two of us take a 10-kilometre hike to the nearest auto service shop, it took the workers two hours to dispatch a tow-truck to our location. Such was after our two friends incessantly badgered them to send help since the vehicle was in a very deep and uninhabited part of the woods where criminals may be located. It therefore, took our friends a total of four hours to get back to the location where our vehicle stalled.

            The driver and assistant to the tow-truck inspected our vehicle and claimed that it would cost us thrice the usual rate as indicated on their online platform which was at the time dysfunctional and therefore unavailable for use. Having no other option, we each contributed some money and gave it to them. We then huddled ourselves into our vehicle and got towed to the town’s nearest auto service shop.

            None of the personnel was interested to serve us nor did any of them ask us what we required from them. The reception desk was empty and the lady was busy chatting with one of the other workers who was working on a vehicle. We waited till 4pm when they were closing shop when one of the watchmen directed us to the manager’s office from where we were told that we should leave our car and come get it the next day at midday.

            However, the receipt that was issued to us for the charges that would be accrued for the repair of the vehicle were inclusive of the usual towing rates which we had earlier on paid for. On complaining about this, the manager claimed that we should have known better and promised to follow up but eventually never did so.

Satisfaction Levels

CriteriaSatisfaction Level (1: extremely dissatisfied, 7: extremely satisfied)
Service Quality     1          2          3         4          5          6          7    
Order Processing     1          2          3         4          5          6          7    
Store Environment     1          2          3         4          5          6          7    
Staff Management     1          2          3         4          5          6          7    
Payment     1          2          3         4          5          6          7    
Post-purchase Service     1          2          3         4          5          6          7    
Overall Satisfaction     1           2         3         4          5          6          7    

Sources of Dissatisfaction inclusive of concepts

Gaps Model

In describing our nature of dissatisfaction with the service offered, I shall use the gaps model to illustrate the various things that should have been done differently by the company.

Communication Gap

            On arrival at the auto service shop, none of the workers was interested in taking to us or engaging us to know the problem with our car. The receptionist seemed unaware of our presence and simply went about her business leaving us stranded and distraught.

Service Gap

            The company’s service provision can be termed as unprofessional, uncouth and unworthy of any business. It took a kind watchman of the premises to guide us to the manager’s office. Even on arrival, the manager seemed to be unempathetic to our plight after having been wrongfully charged by one of his subordinates for towing our vehicle.

Customer Gap

            The company displayed lack of concern for its customers and only seemed to be interested in doing their own tasks which did not involve assisting us. The level of disinterest in the customer is one of the greatest annoyances that we received on that day.

Categorisation of Displeasure in Common Themes


When offering a service, it is imperative that the pricing of the good or service is done in a reasonable and proper manner so as not to exploit customers. In this case however, we were wrongfully overcharged for receiving tow-truck services and the perpetrators of the same not disciplined for such actions, nor our money refunded.


            The need for competency at the place of work is essential to a successful business. The receptionist for instance, was not competent in her job. We were left to find help on our own and were not going to receive any help had it not been for the watchman.


            We expected better service from the workers at the auto service shop. There was no regard for our need for services or a listening ear to our predicament. On reporting the uncouth worker that swindled us of our money, we expected to be refunded and the workers dismissed with immediate effect but none of that happened.

Suggestions for Improvement

            I would suggest that the company lays off all the workers of that auto service shop. It would be better to get new workers who have regard for their customers. Before employing any worker, the company should undertake a rigorous training program to teach their workers of how to handle their customers. These, among numerous other measures, will assist in reasserting people’s faith in the company’s service and customer retention and loyalty.

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