Saying goodbye instead of stay

Walking out of the door seemed easier than saying stay.
There was this heaviness before these words got bored of climbing my throat.
I guess silence was and still is a better way of answering things you don’t want to.

Its crazy to say men don’t cry. Just because you haven’t seen one do so doesn’t mean we are all the same.
Liquids travel faster than sound. My tears fell before the door shut behind your back.

And deleting your pictures and messages from my phone was easy. But no one told me I couldn’t do anything to those in my head.
I miss you, I’m trying not to but i cant help it.

Suppress these feelings with music, food, church and other girls acts as the best temporary remedy.
But no lyric, holy water or kiss can erase the fact that my best sin was falling for you.

Maybe and sometimes are the thoughts I often hang out with. My friend’s advice often treated like a seashell by the seashore. I move on for an hour then back the next hour.
Drinking is a hideaway for the body, smoke is a paradise for the mind but silence and distance are the asylum of the heart.

Only say goodbye when you are ready and not when it needs to be said. Hold on to the chaos till everything is in debris and not in ruin. Even a wilted flower can sprout. Dont say goodbye when its easier to say stay!

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