A synopsis of the story, Miriam by Truman Capote from a critic’s p.o.v.
A research paper on Mansonella, Species, Vectors and Wolbachia in Africa.
A study on the division of North and South Korea
A study on Visual arts (photography)
This paper is a research proposal offering solutions to concerns that arise from ecotourism activities in tandem with the environment, education and sustainability.
A critical review based on two articles to discuss Asian Culture with respect to popular culture
Ever wondered what life amounts to after campus? Do you think you’re well furnished with the required skill-set to survive once you graduate? Find out how other students have done it before and how institutions are working towards ensuring good transition among their students.
The society today applies undue pressure on young men not realizing that these standards are rarely realistic if not obscene. What is your perspective?
This paper is meant for scholars in the film and literature development industry. Solutions for questions posed are reliant on the analysis of specific films or literature material

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