Mi Amour

Mi Reina, that’s what you were to me
Queen of my heart I crowned thee
Coronated and adorned just for me
All undertakings done just for thee
Showered with all mustered affection
Treasured with all due conviction
Cherished beyond all delusion
Loved as self beyond any comparison
Well, even though thou want not me no more
Still thou shalt be my one and only love
Mine heart want not any other
For thine presence and affection encompasses all of thine being
Lost I am without thee
And found wilt I be if only thou accepted me back
Questions run through mine head as I wonder what wrong did
I to you that you decide to want me no more
Am lost for thought and answers I get not
Mine cranium in havoc
Mine being deranged
Mine thoughts in melee
Was I such a bad guy?
Am without doubt the worst
Answers to my quest you give not
Understanding of the reasons am also denied
Is this the norm of love and relationships?
If it is I want it not for thine, ever
Plus not at all if it’s without you
In a fleeting moment I imagined a future with you by me
Tis a gorgeous picture
More so highlighted by thine beautiful self
Because of thee mine brain is motivated
Mine thinking broadened
Mine personality ambitious
And mine persona industrious
How much longer should I wait?
Isn’t this torture you’ve subjected me to, enough already?
I ask of you relieve me of this burden 
For if I take it upon myself…
Give me reason to live again
Give me reason to look forward to tomorrow
For you were and are my first
And forever will be my only
J’taime beaucoup Mi Lune 
Mon chéré.
Love is relentless
Cartoon characters expressing love care and affection

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