Love, the Contrived Carnage.

It’s a twisted story. A tale of two galaxies. When I try to give the most accurate description of this tale of two magnificent galaxies, words simply fail me. The splendor and majesty that they each individually harbored was so great. They brought joy, smiles and happiness to those in their individual lives, but when they were together, there was always an unanswered question. A hint of doubt. A malicious smile. A flirtatious remark. They were beings close to perfection individually, but while together, the goodness was too great. It would cause a power surge and major catastrophe in its wake. Yin and Yang put together but not contained in a sphere of sanity, became beautiful destruction.

She was the light, beautiful and bright. Angelic face, voice like a lark, melodious and sweet. Love was her weapon like a human cupid fairy. She spread the love like confetti bringing joy and life to whatever she touched. And her touch, Oh! Her touch. It could vaporize iron in an instant. It was warm, affectionate and caring. The kind that could cause brains to become a muddled puddly mess.

He was the darkness, ebony black. A black hole that held unbeknownst gravity, attraction beyond measure. He held the keys to hades where every thing and one, goes to return no more. His soul rattled and shook even the strongest beyond their wits, causing them to tetteer back and away, fleeing for their very existence. His magic was in his tongue. His words a flaming sword, cutting clean through the hearts, consuming the minds enslaving their will till their lives were no longer theirs. Such perverted beauty. Such machismo and grandeur, beyond human comprehension. Above and beyond.

Maybe they were meant to be, but never to be. Souls entwined hearts running wild. A cataclysmic chasm for any one that dares come between. Their love, a contrived carnage.

By: AK. Stine


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