Love Sick?! 路‍♂梁

love sick

👦: Did you say hi to your mum on my behalf? And also thank her for me as well…!?,,
👧: As who?😹😹😹,, If she asks me who you are…What should I say?,,
👦: You tell her these very words,
“👦is the guy that sweeps me off my feet, each and every time.
He is the guy that makes me smile and laugh even when I have no will to
He is the guy who understands me so much yet never takes advantage of it
He is the guy that makes my heart melt with love
He is the guy that makes me joyous everyday
He is the guy that makes my life easier and much more fun
He is the guy that gives me orgasmic laughter
He is the guy whose voice makes me drool from both my lips* 😉
He is the guy I love mum
And he is the guy who’s gonna whisk me away from you door good.
He is my man.”

These are the few words I’d love to say to you every morning when I wake up next to you…. Because once you leave my side all I reminisce is;

The feel of your body on mine when I hug you
The searing heat in my palm when our hands come into contact
The beauty of your smile that thaws my heart
The reverberation of your infectious laughter in my ears
The gentleness of your voice when you speak
The grace in your step as you walk
The surety of your aura and the fire in your eyes when you want something.
Oh burn me with your blue flame
Smite me with your yellow flame
Annihilate me with your searing red flame
For I am as a moth, helpless before thy power.

By: K3ysp3rk©


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