I need me a book on how I can unlove you,
Or, maybe a song… With lyrics on how to unlove you,
Or a poem will do!
Well written on how to unlove you.

On how to unlove someone who once meant the world to you,
On how to not feel the love I once felt and still feel for you,
On how weak you made me be and still make me..
Just because I loved you and still love you.

I need me a doctor,
He whom can prescribe drugs for me,
Drugs that can make me forget about you,about what used to be us,
Drugs that can make me hate you,
Drugs that can make me not want anything to do with you,
Drugs that can kill the hopes I have of us still being together again.

I need me a love poison,
One that can kill this feeling I have whenever I see you,
One that kill the memories we had,
One that can kill your voice in my head,
The voice that once told me you loved me and you forever will,
The voice that once sent shivers down my spine,

I need me a pastor,
One who can curse my love for you away,
One who can pray for me,pray that I unlove you,
Pray that I get back to my senses,
Pray that I stop holding back to what once made me happy and the saddest.

I need someone to hit me with his car,
So that I can kill both the feelings and the memories and I,
Or if I survive… Let me have amnesia,
Forget about you,
Maybe then… I’ll be able to unlove you,
I need me a love antidote.

@utteredwords by, ©Cheryll

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