Just a little longer…

Just a little longer dear friend, it’s all worth it in the end

And when you’ve got nobody else to turn to, just hold on and I’ll find you

It has been a tedious rough and bumpy ride

But the final target is just a few clicks away, stay strong

Take heart, disappointments happen all the time

Stresses beguile us all the days of our lives, but we still are here

We continue to live through it all, not because we’re strong or maybe because it’s easy

But simply because the end is just so amazingly beautiful that we can’t help to lose it

The worst is yet to come, but the worse you’ve gone through, you’ve triumphed over already.

You’re exhausted, you’re emotionally distressed, but what did you expect out of life?

You never expected rewards on a silver platter

That’s not the world you live in

This one is full of pain, tears and sorrow

We only hide all this emotional turmoil behind plastic smiles and high octave voices

We maintain an aura of calmness when deep inside were crumbling and dying


There’s a certain beauty in all this

There is the mere hope of regeneration, of perfection, of new beginnings

But nothing can be made new unless it was old at one point

Nothing can be moulded into perfection if it wasn’t initially a mess

The best things come so painfully in life

The most precious jewels go through intense super heating just to purify them

To set them apart from the rest

Increase their value

And make them admirable and priceless

That’s what you want.

Go get it!


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