When myriad thoughts and stresses of this world abound within the depths of my heart

When I am at this point in life where all I do has an effect on the future

When I am scared to the bone because, in my hands lay a weapon of major

Progression or massive destruction.

I look at the past, to my mountains of archived thoughts and experiences

For there lies wisdom, knowledge and understanding that surpasses all else

The beginning of all things. Religion offers a creator

Whose power is infinite, without no bounds and possessing knowledge unlike?

Any other.

There at the beginning, I do get the solution to my warring thoughts

There, do I realize that my problems are way smaller than those of the universe

There, I understand the actual meaning of burden,


There, I do find the true meaning of infiniteness,

By: D. A. K.

Alias: Kyleiran


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