Spot On.

Hitting the nail on the head can be gruelling and an expressway to the receiving end of jest and backlash. However, that’s what we do here. The distinct unrelenting bittersweet taste of truth in words is what we wield like a sword unto war. For life is a battle and the war is nigh.

AK. Stine

When myriad thoughts and stresses of this world abound within the depths of my heart

When I am at this point in life where all I do has an effect on the future

When I am scared to the bone because, in my hands lay a weapon of major

Progression or massive destruction.

I look at the past, to my mountains of archived thoughts and experiences

For there lies wisdom, knowledge and understanding that surpasses all else

The beginning of all things. Religion offers a creator

man sitting on step ladder
Photo by Eric W. on Pexels.com

Whose power is infinite, without no bounds and possessing knowledge unlike?

Any other.

There at the beginning, I do get the solution to my warring thoughts

There, do I realize that my problems are way smaller than those of the universe

There, I understand the actual meaning of burden,


There, I do find the true meaning of infiniteness,

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