Deep within lies a wound
So deep, so far gone, maybe beyond healing
Clinging weakly to the last ounces of humanity
The pain of torture and loss really went so far deep
Sometimes you want to scream letting out the pain and destroy
Other times you just want to cry softly and sob in the comfort of your pillow
In other cases you just want to get out of your skin, probably live another’s life to see if you’re the only one
Nobody knows what you go through
On the outside you’re the sculpture of perfection, joy and happiness
On the inside its all ashes
The castles you had built in the air within all crumbled and fell
The sun that shone so brightly now fades and wanes, it’s former beauty lost to nothing
The heart that previously beat with love now remains a cold, hard, shrivelled chunk of muscle simply sustaining life
The eyes that shone with delight, now shine with fire๐Ÿ”ฅ and ice โ„
Akin to dry ice; icy cold but searing hot on impact
The situation left to fate
Nobody dares to come too close
Nobody dares to ask, because you’re now a mask of beauty
Inside you harbour a beast
A beast the will take and destroy in the most painfully beautiful way
Come out!
I implore thee
Shew thyself so that I may cease to try to explain.
At least then, they will know what they did to you.
For this was not a beast of your own design.


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