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Get it Right! On a day-to-day basis, parents have to deal with the joys, struggles and disappointments of parenthood. Let us not lie to each other here because we all know how hard parenting can be. There are days you just want to kiss and love your child and there are those days when the best you can do is just stay a safe distance away so that you don’t strangle to death this very being that you gave life to. Just for the record, I may or may not be a parent; I am not about to divulge such details, but you need to sit back and relax for this because I have a whole lot to say on this particular subject.

Get it Right!

Any ideal nuclear family constitutes of a father, a mother and a child (or children). All these entities have roles to partake in at their level to maintain order, peace and harmonious co-existence in the same environment. Any form of deviation from the ideal ways of life previously put in place by our predecessors results in chaos; hence broken homes, divorce and hatred among family members. Is this the ideal scenario that any of us pictures when entering into a marital contract with the sole intention of raising a family with virtue, values and pride in their own family? I am positive that the short answer is NO!! But why are you tempted to use the word “BUT”. Why? Why do we always need to have an excuse or an explanation for our Boolean form of answers to all questions even though those explanations remain unwarranted?

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Yes, the world is a dynamic place. Yes, the axis shifts and times change. Yes, expectations are there but reality strikes. Yes, we have some wishes but they remain piped dreams at times. But NO, we CAN NOT blame it on anyone or anything for that matter other than us. Ourselves. It is we, who have the power to make any erratic variable work in our favour. Isn’t it we, the human race who discovered electricity? Isn’t it we, who discovered the light bulb? Isn’t it we, who discovered currency as a mode of exchange? Isn’t it we who curated amazing designs for skyscrapers that go above the clouds? Isn’t it we who manufactured motor vehicles and air transport to ease our means of transportation access from one continent and/or town to another? Isn’t it we who formulated our means of governance that has worked for us for many years now and will continue to do so for aeons to come with a few minor tweaks and edits? Isn’t it we who embraced the logic of a family setting and made it so paramount in our priority list that it now destroys us since we are too arrogant or obnoxious to work our tweaks and edits alongside the first principle?

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It’s a wild jungle out there. Everyone is prey. A few are the predators while others are the keepers, caretakers, decision-makers and the ones at whose mercy all the animals are. How do we consider ourselves then? The predators, prey, or demigods. The ones at whose feet all nature bows. The ones who render life and take it away at will. What do we teach our young ones? To be strong like the gods, or to be weak like the prey we are? We never tell them about the battles we have within and without as far as living is concerned. We rarely tell them that the world is a cold bitter place with cold bitter people. We never tell them that we are the very poison that kills our society. We are the scum of the earth. We are all alike in our foul disgusting ways to the extent of repelling each other. Sowing discord amongst brethren and brewing hate amongst friends.

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Why do we think that secrets and white lies are all the protection that our children require? For some children, it could work, but only to a certain extent. On the other hand, to some of our children who mature before they grow, it is a simple hoax that they see right through and realize that they are much smarter than they are expected to be. The world expects so little of them yet they have so much more to offer. They can be genius, but their efforts are often curtailed by the ignoramus whims of social construct. They are the eagles. Tamed and reared in human cages. Reared like birds of poultry. Feeding off flimsy pieces of tasteless flesh from dead cattle. In retrospect, these eagles should have grown in the wid. taken their place as the kingly birds of prey that hunt without fear and roam the mountains with a watchful eye on their subjects and territory. Maybe we should be the ones in the cages to learn from these amazing creatures. Maybe they have the right idea.

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Maybe they do realize, that to fly far above the clouds and escape the rain: to achieve the epitome of greatness, then their heirs must face danger to gain courage. Face even the fear of death itself by crushing their young growing bodies against the rocky mountainsides. Realize that bad decisions can be made and will be made by them in the course of their lives and all they can do about it is live to fight another day. That there are wars worth fighting, while others are just there to make us realize that we need not bite more than we can chew.

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Maybe they do realize that life and all their achievements might end up being fleeting and inconsequential if they fail to change the course of mankind’s behaviour and beliefs. Maybe they are the gods we keep calling to for help. Maybe they are the race more supreme mentally. But we shall never know, shall we?

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