Magic is that moment when you stare deep into the eyes of somebody only to realize that your fates are entwined. The mind uses trickery with it’s hormonal triggers rendering you enslaved to the thought of that significant person. The heart skips, one…two…three, beats as you loose your breath and get carried away by their beauty. Your face gets flushed, not because you’re that much flustered as it wants you to seem, but just because the blood comes rushing in after your heart momentarily went rogue. Your knees wobble a bit not because you cower, but only because the oxygen deficiency had you temporarily in paralysis. Your speech quavers not because you’re not eloquent, but simply because your brain speech rceptors experienced a synapse lapse. You’re always good enough it was just tiny glitch in the matrix, hence the experience is dubbed magical.

When all hell breaks loose, I will be your hell to break loose

K3ysp3rk© 2020

She is magical, makes you lyrical, your heart is erratic, your love poems to her rythymic. Your words to her are sweet and intentional. Your thoughts even less cynic. Psychotic, manic, all these terms shimmer away into limbo as you are drawn to her. She’s your Achilles Heel. That much power is of staggering proportions. Can she handle it? Could she handle you? Can he? Could he? You’re all my magic, my only wand, my power source, my only magic trick. If only your last wish would be my one undying wish to become, for you I’d give everything I hold dear. For, my wish, is thou to grant thy every wish and desire my dearest “Master”.

Happy Birthday to you.

🎈 Happy Birthday!🎈
     🔥      🔥      🔥
     💟      💟      💟
     💟      💟      💟
I love you.

By: K3ysp3rk©


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