Dying Rose

Let the roses of passion incinerate then the bounds of affection obliterate
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Sometimes in life you feel discouraged.
It seems as if nothing is working out for you.
You don’t actually know where to start from.
Boredom reigns and your life is intricately intertwined.
You feel played by your own self.
You feel helpless yet there’s no one to run to.
Your mind and heart unanimously think the same
Every choice you make seems to be the wrong choice
People you once loved and trusted all turn out to be only mere acquaintances
You are stranded.
You feel like a helpless rose amidst the myriad thorn bushes.
Lifeless, pricked, withered, dead, busted.
Your dilapidated remains the only indicator that you once existed.
What do you do?
Where will you go?

By: Qiuteen


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