Human Philosophy #1

Human Philosophy goes beyond the ideas perpetuated by the Greats – Plato, Socrates, Mencius and the like. It also encompasses the teachings of life. Our thoughts, emotions and actions all in perfect synchronism to create the perpetual idea of the the perfect human being.

AK. Stine

On doubt.

There’s no better way to overpower a trickle of doubt than with a flood of naked truth.

On emotion.

From now on, you’re a rock. You see nothing. You absorb nothing. Nothing breaks you. The only thing more satisfying than convincing someone to do what I want, is failing to persuade them on purpose.. It’s like a “Do Not Enter” sign, it just begs yo to walk through the door. The heart can choke the mind when all its blood flows back unto itself.

On decisions.

Decisions based on emotion aren’t decisions at all. Instincts. The rational and the irrational complement each other. Individually they’re far less powerful. Speculation is a poor form of politics. The higher up the mountain the more treacherous the path. Always pay attention to the fine print. It’s far more important to than the selling price. Most importantly, always remember that you are never more than one wrong move away from life in a cage. He who fights chaos with chaos, and let slip the dogs of war.

On despair.

One of the things i do for a living is count. I count voltage A.C, D.C, cash investments, returns. And am good at it. But the most important count I do has nothing to do with work or school. It’s the no. Of days since August 28, 2016. As of tonight, that’s 433. The bigger that no. Gets, the more it frightens me, because I know all it takes is one slip up to get to zero. Most people see fear as a weakness. It can be. Sometimes for my job, I have to put fear in other people. I know that’s not right. But if I’m honest, like we’re all expected to be, I have to be ruthless, because failure is not an option. The same goes for my ambition. I have to be ruthless with myself. I have to use my fear. It makes me stronger. Like everyone else, I can’t control who I am. But I can control the zero. Fuck the zero.

On secrets.

There’s a value in having secrets. Creatures like myself wouldn’t be ourselves without them. But myriads of people on the other hand are trapped by their secrets. What am trying to do is give them the opportunity to set themselves free. After all,we are nothing more or less than what we choose to reveal.

On achievement.

Success is a mixture of preparation and luck. If you don’t like how the table is set, turn over the table. People who obsess about history obsess about their place in it, instead of forging it. Being powerful is the most precious thing. Loneliness is the price.

On valuation.

Every kitten grows up to be a cat. They seem so harmless at first, small, quiet, lapping up their saucer of milk. But once their claws get long enough, they draw blood, sometimes from the hand that feeds them. For those of us climbing to the top of the food chain, there can be no mercy. There is but one rule: hunt or be hunted. Fear not the beginning of The story. Fear not knowing how it will end. Everyone’s fair game including you.

On personality.

There are two types of humans: doormats and matadors. Which do you think I intend to be?

On change and reform.

You have a voice? And you want to bring change? Show your people that voice can translate into law, and not just add to the noise.

On power.

To improve is to change… To perfect is to change often. All you need to sway anyone is patience and time. But when you lack the luxury of those… Tic Toc!✊✊. In as much as you get fundamentally deceptive, always be capable of a genuine compliment. The road to power is paved with hypocrisy…and casualties. Never regret. I’ve always loathed the necessity of sleep. Like death, it puts the most powerful men on their backs.

On rules.

If we never did anything we shouldn’t do, we’d never feel good about doing the things we should.

On money.

You know what I like about money? I can stack it on a table. I can measure it with a yardstick. I can see it, I can see it, I can smell it, buy things with it. Houses, cars, clothes,. Things that are real.

Edited excerpts from TV series, House Of Cards

House of Cards – Kevin Spacey

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