Human Philosophy #3

Human Philosophy goes beyond the ideas perpetuated by the Greats – Plato, Socrates, Mencius and the like. It also encompasses the teachings of life. Our thoughts, emotions and actions all in perfect synchronism to create the perpetual idea of the the perfect human being.

AK. Stine

About ghosts

The dead sleep with their eyes open. They are watching you from the past.

About trust

You know people, you know them for years and then suddenly they are like strangers in your kitchen.

About leadership

Was it always this dirty? Was the man before any more moral, being more worthy of the power of the position they found themselves in? Any more capable of doing a goddamn thing for the public? Well, Yes and No! History has a way of looking better than it was. Or perhaps Shakespeare was right. We are all just madmen leading the blind.😐

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