Does He Love You Right?

Sam Smith – My Oasis (feat Burna Boy)

When you look into his eyes, what do you see? Do you see the kind of affection that resurrects your deceased butterflies? Does his scent arouse your carnal needy desires? Do his eyes consume you whole while you’re outdoors; Telling how much he needs you two to be one, right there and then? Does the feel of

his breath fanning your face as you close in on the distance between your faces cause tingling within you? Do his lips ignite the fire in your core to immense levels while they graze against yours? Does his tongue dance with boldness and ferocity while penetrating the depths of your mouth? Does his left hand drag it’s finger tips gently across your skin to end up tightly holding onto your neck while deepening the kiss? Does his right hand go down to the bottom of your ass and pull you up to meet him? Does he squeeze you closer into his body like he’d want to fuse you together were it possible? Does he make you breathless and aching for more of him once you pause to catch a breath? Does he look at your face affectionately, smile and tell you that he loves you? Do you kiss him this time holding onto his face and drowning in the pleasure of your little mouth dance and suck the living breath out of him? Does he give life to the bold and “nasty” side of you? Does he make you want to love like never before? Does he make you desire more out of life rather than cruising through it thoughtlessly? Do his dreams and goals cause you to believe that anything is possible with enough determination? Does he push you to your limit whenever you’re on the brink of giving up and tell you that he believes in you? Does he listen to you, your thoughts, dreams and fears attentively? Does he know when to hold and comfort you, yet you’d want to thoughtlessly rant and get angry? Does he get you random gifts? Does he take you out on dates? Does he help you in the kitchen which you make dinner? Does the feel of him hugging you from the back while you do the dishes offer you comfort and peace? He may not do all that but what do you think? Does he love you right?


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