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Cause and Effect Essay

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Cause and Effect of Working While Studying


Most of the time, circumstances are the main reasons why people decide to make certain life decisions in order to deal with or react to certain happenings in their lives. As such, the concept of cause and effect has a huge bearing on the lives of human beings all over the world today. Cause and effect can be perceived as a standard measure for most psychological-based assessments which may be invaluable in explaining the order of events of consequence of our actions. In this short discussion, we shall analyze the cause and effect of studying while working. Students all over the world are inclined to take up jobs that supplement their incomes while still at school. For some students, such actions come at a price of failing to perform optimally, while others may decide to drop out and work permanently in whatsoever capacity they may have found themselves in at the time.

In the USA, most students studying in Ivy League schools are usually on scholarship. Majority of such students come from poor backgrounds which may necessitate them to work for their pocket money. Working while studying may be essential in such cases. Since their parents may not be able to afford tuition fees, housing and living costs, students may decide to seek jobs to cater for such bills. The decision to do so is not dependent on their want or liking for the job, but necessitated by their living needs. The students’ state of disadvantage therefore, causes them to take up menial jobs in restaurants or hospitals or places that require no skill set. The result is a large working student population in the Universities.

Poor grades by students may occur due to long working hours. Sometimes, students may be forced to take up extra shifts at their places of work in order to cater for the purchase of mandatory school literature. Since the books may be expensive and limited in the school library, students may decide to work more hours in order to make the money required to purchase the textbooks. While dedicating more of their time in making money, their grades may end up being affected due to the minimal amount of time they dedicate to studying and doing assignments. In this regard, poor grades are a resultant occurrence of long or extra working hours.

Working students are at a risk of poor health due to strenuous activities. Some students seeking jobs may take menial jobs which are harmful to their health in the long-run. Jobs in factories or industries where numerous chemicals are used and harmful gases emitted to the atmosphere have a tendency to pay at a higher rate per hour than other jobs which are not hazardous. These jobs may seem to be attractive to these students since they work less hours for more money but the risk of getting sick or injured is high. In some cases, the workers may inhale dangerous gases in the course of their work and cause them to be sick. Students who may decide to work in such environments are at a heightened risk of falling privy to the same fate.


The concept of cause and effect can be presumed to have a great bearing on many occurrences and events spanning from history even to the present. Working while studying can be perceived as a necessary evil for some students to survive through school but should not be considered as the resultant course of action where other options may be available. Through the various arguments discussed herein, we can acclaim the fact that cause and effect is a natural notion in the natural order of things.

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