For my shoe laces are intertwined tight,
Worn to fit.
In crosses that bind my heart to yours
Every knot tightens the beats of my heart

And every step affirms closer to you is where I should be

The wind blows on my face tends to awaken me from my slumber
How deep in sleep I had drowned
For my heart fought battles that never ended

And I have written stories as my heart is bleeding
For I have had bruises and fractures
And my joints could locomote me no more
Lost hope in spring
Where I would walk across this boulevard of colorful flowers and leaves
I lost hope in this street.

Every step I take is new
My heart excited by the bowing trees and the patting leaves
The roots seems to carry me off to where I belong
The soil seems to sing in a language that only you and I can understand
A language of fists and fights,
Of arguments and insults,
Of despair and desperation,
Of tears and blood,

But I do want to walk through this boulevard with you,
For I know love is commitment,
Laughter and joy,
Plays and puns,

Gifts and presents,
A book with many scenes but similar destination.
For love is not a feeling, not a drive of emotions…

Love is a boulevard
That I want to walk with you


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