Big Dreams

Love, passion, purpose, power and dedication to a better future

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The Midweek Euphoria

Issue #1

pathway between stone sculptures and trees in city park

Sometimes he wondered why he really loved her in the first place. Not that she was not beautiful by all and any standards, but she was not the type of girl he would actually fall for on any ideal day. They met at a recreational park of all places. Quite an out of the ordinary scenario to meet the love of your life, right? It was his favorite park. The place he would go to find the peace and solace he could never find anywhere else in the world. His life away from that park was marred with turmoil, struggle and constant sorrow. Such words, some people thought could never exist in his dictionary because his life seemed so perfect. Yes, it seemed, and that’s what they never came to terms with.

silhouette of person standing near camping tent

Yes, his life could be deemed to be perfect, but he had his demons to fight every second of every day. Not that he was depressed, or maybe he was, but he had a lot of things bugging him here and there, every now and then. His life was the version of hell dressed in purple robes of royalty and gold adornment just for sheer beauty. His visage was that of a god, but his heart and soul were the spitting image of the devil himself. Sometimes, he would embrace that ebony darkness that would feel much closer and comforting to his nature and then, even his loved ones would scurry away in fear for he brought hell on earth.

photo of pyramid during daytime

Was he not destined to find peace? Sometimes he had conversations with himself whilst making rounds in that very park. Watching the sun set into oblivion and the horizon littered with beautiful rays that he would marvel at. “Someday,” he thought to himself every now and then, “I shall be the reincarnation of the sun and make people marvel at my beauty and the need for my presence in their existence.” Maybe it was a piped dream but he had a very strong positive feeling about his future. He was cock sure it would be grand and he could not wait to get there.


He was thinking about how happy he would be to finally complete his bachelor’s degree. Not that he would have a perfect life afterwards, but he would find peace and relief. He loved his University major; that goes without saying, but, he detested the kind of pressure it came with. From the school Dons, to his parents, to the society and its expectations of him. It was a heavy burden to bear and sometimes, he really did not know what to do with all that stress. He would occasionally slouch in bed and succumb to the sadness for a week or so then later, he would go out into the world and act like nothing had really happened. He was that good at pretense.

photography of person walking on road

Master of deceit. Lord of the lies. Pretense and tricks are your throne. The world is your playground and humanity, your humble naïve subjects. Every single morning a distant voice would greet him and welcome him into the new day with these words. At first he thought he was crazy, but with time he got accustomed to it. It was his darkness and no light would ever be bright enough to consume him. Change him and create him anew. He was destined to be lost in the darkness so he decided to be the Lord of the darkness.

unrecognizable ethnic priest walking on pavement in city park
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As he was strolling towards his favorite spot to finally ease all his burdens and let them fly away into the sunset, he saw a figure AT HIS SPOT!! No way. This was wrong. An atrocity of the highest nature. Why would anyone like that spot and how did they even find it? He was ready for war now. His blood boiled as he seethed with fiery anger. Today was the day his demons got some exercise. They has started getting lazy and obese anyway. He walked silently and suddenly got a whiff of her cologne. It was really subtle, didn’t make him sneeze and very alluring. He liked it, but he couldn’t let her down that easy.

young woman using computer laptop under the tree
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Her hair glistened in the orange sunlight. It created dancing rainbows and seemed to be dancing along to the tune she was humming. Her voice was beautiful. Calming like the sea waves and soft like the air on your face before the rain begins. He could not help but go slower and closer to hear what tune she was humming because it seemed to call him. It promised peace, love, care and joy. All the things he desired in life but never seemed to get no matter what? Was it one of the many false promises he had received? He could not trust. He was afraid to trust. He could not bear getting hurt.

two brown trees
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He sat behind her. The tree trunk between them and her voice all around them. He drowned in her promise of peace. He ached to live there forever and make her his own, but tomorrow was never promised. Even if he wanted bliss and a happily ever after, life would happen at some point and the world would come rushing and breaking down on him. He needed someone like her who shone brighter in the light. Someone who made the world laugh and smile and happy in her presence. She made the winds happy with her angelic voice and the trees danced along her lovely tune.

Nature was perfectly in tune with her. In it she seemed perfect, but was she perfect? If she was, wouldn’t his presence mare her perfection? He had seen it happen before. He had make the purest of hearts turn black, cold and evil. She was perfect before him and was naïve to his dark nature. She always saw the best in people. With him, she wasn’t any different. She claimed that she could see my hurt and doubt of something better but he could not. Eventually, she suffered the brunt of her actions. He destroyed her in the worst way. She was now hollow and empty. Men are trash. He was the trash that broke her.

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