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Why Die?

Why Die? Death oh death. How long I have dreamt and longed to savour of your…


What is the ultimate end of all this? Where does all this eventually lead to? How…

Love! The old feeling!

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When Love Was Love!

Love,, what is love? Love is the abstract feeling of immense attraction to a person or…

What do you think?

Sackey asked a question and this is what I had to say to her.

Me. Who am I?

How well do you know me? This will tell you if you have the right idea…


Exasperation. If you can't take in explicit content, kindly refrain from this post.. I warned you๐Ÿ˜œ

Appropriated Misappropriation

In this tale of classic, complex discombobulation, it is a case of acute plausible deniability by…

Dying Rose

She was fragile. Not like a Rose... but like C4

Too bad at good Byes ๐Ÿ‘‹

If our love was a fairy tale, I would charge in to rescue you... Breathless,โค


The more I look at you I can't stand a micro of a second with you.…

Long may we reign

Me myself and I. I need to free my mind No bargain I’m the greatest in…


I need me a book on how I can unlove you, Or, maybe a song… With…

The Petty things

It’s always the picture not the frame they’d say. But why would we want to put…



The Chains

And each time he tore her heart just a little more.. He didn’t see he hurt…


But darling don’t you see we’re different… Like summer in the winter? You’re a Sterling and…

Saying goodbye instead of stay

Walking out of the door seemed easier than saying stay. There was this heaviness before these…


what I see is a star a being with soul divine and taste saline. Be mine

My Brain’s Crevices

https://www.instagram.com/p/Bex4fWhnyYc/ Beyond ceaseless praise, Beyond fearless craze, Beyond limitless cause, There behind the veil, lies a…

Freaking Emotions

Chapter Two โ€œThe past year has been tough. It sure has. Freaking emotions, right? You have…

My sweet little muffins๐Ÿ˜˜

I love you two cute babies

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Love Bites when the Love BITES

Love bites when love BITES. Hurt people, hurt people.

My Love Letter

My love letter. love is like a drug but lust is like the plug. Lustful love…

Human Philosophy #3

Our thoughts, emotions and actions all in perfect synchronism to create the perpetual idea of the…

Human Philosophy #2

I am not a good person but a human being bound to infinite err. I am…

Who is a Man?

"A rebound a day keeps the heartbreak away." Wise words from a wise man. But the…