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Artistic Statement

In image 1, the model stared into the distance, wishing that she were a different version of herself or somebody else. She shows despair at the realization that she is stuck in her body. Image 2 shows the model posing in an awkward angle and dressed in oversized clothing. Her pose depicts resignation to the fact that she cannot change who she is. In the third image, the model is squatting whilst facing away from her shadow. She seems to run away from the darkness that keeps tugging at her sleeves. In image 4, the model was directly staring into the camera lens and her face seemed to cloud in sadness. She felt the need to let go of all her frustration by crying. The fifth image shows the model leaning on a bench with hands at the sides of her head. She is tired, frustrated and angry at the current state of affairs and wants to give up. The model is facing the light which implies that she has hope for a better future beyond her troubles.

How my selected Visual Arts program (media) will help cultivate my art practice (photography)

My art practice (photography)

The flurry of pictures as displayed, tell an untold story while addressing one of the most hidden facts of human life. By the use of various angles of lighting and poise, I was able to express the insecurities deep-seated within human nature. Non-verbal cues, attire and the model’s personal perception of herself remained precedent in this piece of work.

These pictures were taken using a hidden camera. The model had insecurities about her appearance – something we experience at some point – and it was imperative that I set up the hidden camera in order to capture those intricately hidden aspects of her when she wasn’t nervous, despite attempts to reassure her.

My Visual Arts program (media)

Visual arts can be considered to be one of the major world driving forces, other than the preconceived pen and paper. In specificity, the power within a picture is much greater than any other tool of communication in the world today. As we live and breathe in the presence of innovations like social media and the internet, photography remains the primary source of information conveyance. Photographs are alluring to sight and may speak volumes above and beyond mere words.

The program has offered me a spotlight from whence I can communicate effectively to the contemporary world ‘ruled’ by technology. Using the key requirements for a good photograph such as: juxtaposed concepts, unique lighting, compelling composition among others, I have been able to perceive the world in a clearer way. During the learning process, we are taught how to ‘see without actually seeing’. In essence, we are made to conceptualize what the photograph is trying to tell us even before learning the hidden story. The Visual arts program has enabled me to become more intuitive and with clearer insight into the future. As such, I am now able to create inexplicably profound art.


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