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Art Work Portfolio

The initial stage of cocooning is represented as a stage of numerous prospects. The ropes tied around the model show the confines of the cocoon where there is great promise. The second picture shows the struggle in the cocooning process. It is depicted by the literal binding of the model’s hands behind her back. Through this, we can conceptualize the transformation process as it occurs within the caterpillar’s shiny chrysalis. The red lighting in the image asserts the nature of the process. In the third stage of metamorphosis, the image is taken on a white background. The model has white ribbons loosely wrapped around her to show that cocooning is over and she has broken free. Her stance depicts pride in self after great achievement. In the final stage, we see the model having a confident poise and calm aura. She faces forward towards the light showing her beauty. In essence, the butterfly is now an adult and has confidence to explore the world.

Conceptualization of the Visual Arts program (media) in association with my art practice (photography)

My art practice (photography)

In the above illustrated work, the process of metamorphosis in insects; moths and butterflies, has been used to offer substantive insight into the life of human beings. The world is faced by numerous challenges. The process of research, learning, analysis and implementation involves errors which may be negligible or lead to adverse effects on the environment. Subsequently, there is need to document and learn from the natural world. Photography is used to record and store information for future reference.

Photography is a powerful and necessary practice by which we can express abstracts and aesthetics that would otherwise, be too complex to visualize. For instance, the above array of pictures were used to offer motivation to people struggling with decision-making. Through the caterpillar’s actions, we learn about self-confidence and self-will to conquer the direst situations.

My Visual Arts program (media)

The Visual Arts (media) program has assisted me in understanding the various ways by which we can make use of items in the environmental space and combine them in an artistic design to bring out specific literal concepts. In the first, second and third pictures, ribbons were used to tie the models to illustrate periods of hardship. The flowers in the first image were used to depict the prospects available once hardship was overcome. The program has made me a better photographer and human being as well. As I strive to make myself a better person every day, I am faced with hurdles that require me to lean on the knowledge acquired in class so as to find practical solutions.

A good photograph has the following characteristics: compelling composition, display of emotion, simple storytelling, elliptical storytelling, iconic moments, unique moments, juxtaposed concepts, unique lighting and colour, attention to detail and a unique perspective. Adherence to these, as taught in the program, has improved my art practice. In conclusion, the visual arts program has impacted my art practice both spiritually and professionally, since I am now able to create art that appeals not only to the eyes, but also to the soul.

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