Appropriated Misappropriation

I got up early today thinking about what I have to do before the clock strikes midnight. It’s my job to choose what kind of day I’m going to have today. I can complain because it is raining or thank the waters for washing the pollution. I can be sad because I have no money or feel encouraged to manage my finances, avoiding waste.

I can complain about my health or give thanks for being alive. I can complain to my parents that they did not give me everything I wanted or I can be thankful that I was born. I can complain about having to go to work or thank you for having a job. I can feel boredom with housework or thank God. I may regret disappointments with friends or be enthusiastic about making new friends. If things did not go as planned I can be happy to have today to start over. The day is in front of me waiting to be what I want. And here I am, the sculptor who can shape. It all depends on me.


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