After Death, comes Life.

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“The Fault in our Stars is they don’t sparkle. They never did.”

After Death, comes Life.

The lyrics to your song he could sing like a symphony

Played over an over as top hit song in his limited music library

Word by word stanza after stanza

He sang till his voice was sore

He embodied the passion of the composer

Donning an aura of melee to the bitter world

He had had a taste of it earlier on

But once you came into the picture

The movie took a sudden twist with you as lead

A position you took not so for granted

At least according to the director

You went ahead even after getting dirt on him

Claiming your !platonic feeling for him

He confirmed your theory for you

To know who he truly was

But you still relentlessly showered him with undue affection 😏😏

Such, he had never got to know

You were the moon 🌕

That shines bright chasing the darkness he partook🌑

You were the stars ☀☀

He only got to look at after your light enveloped him prisoner🌅

You were his love his life his turn about his “salvation”

And he, being the darkness🌚

Embraced your light🌙

Got ecstatic as your heat thawed his cold frozen soul❄

Your life and goodness seeped into him🌇

He became weak to his kind

He was thrown out of his throne and guilled a destitute servant

All in the name of LOVE💏

His subjects spat at him beat him blue black but yet

He took a firm stand to be with you

He fed on your love

He fed on your light

He assimilated to your fire

He ascented to your affection

And reciprocated your infinite love

But then,


The voice of reason�😏😏

Small tiny minute whispering,

Came by whispered its sweet advise

As saintly possible you yielded to its perception

What else were you to do anyway?

So you told him though indirectly

You were afraid he would tear apart

Break shatter gnaw destroy and beat the lights out of everything

You loved nature that was you and he knew it

But one thing you forgot

He had been with you

He had been beside you

He had been within you

He had been you

You didn’t get that

Though he changed, he didn’t change at all

Though he was light, his darkness still reigned supreme

Though he was broken, he wasn’t fractured beyond repair

Though he was stretched, he wasn’t beyond elastic limit

Though he was changed, he wasn’t completely transformed

He only became a hybrid of his own unique kind

He was stronger than he ever cared to admit

He was illuminated than he ever cared to perceive

He was the him he never knew he would become
Now he knows

It was all for your good

Because that’s what he told you

It was his prime priority

The one thing he never compromised

Your words,

“The Fault in our Stars is they don’t sparkle. They never did.”

He knew what you meant

In fact he knew much more than you did

“Our stars sparkled. The only fault was in your tears which wouldn’t allow you to see.”


That’s of zero consequence right now

He’s pained by the loss of course

Like a Phoenix he’ll rise

From the debris of the wreck and havoc you caused

And this time all will bow at the magnificence of his astounding being

So be it🎤

Darkness and light within
Love look what you made me

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