I’m addicted to the smile on your face
I’m addicted to the freckles on your skin…
I’m addicted to your lips on my lips and everything afterwards.
I’m a junkie useless and overbearing craving the next hit.
I’m your loyal corner boy and you, my connect.
Without you, my days would be empty, my pockets wouldn’t be much different.
You push me to go beyond my limits
You make me want more, need more
Your approval drives away my hapless nature
Your smile radiates beams of light all around you
Despite my dark, light-consuming nature, you remain pure, bright and beautiful
Drawing me closer into that burning furnace of affection
I know it’s never good for me but I still come closer
Longing to touch you, feel you just for a moment then withdraw
Which is, even for me, a piped dream to most extents
But deep down I need you down deep
In the depths of my blackening soul
Tear me apart from within
Explode inside me with all your goodness
Make me human again
Make me feel as much as you do
Make me whole again
For now I am as a shell without the powder
Incomplete and useless
A mere specimen to be discarded after ballistics
For your love is a drug
And you are my plug
I cannot get away,
Want you everyday
When I medicate all the pain goes away…”
Grant me the pleasures of my heart
My daily dose of loving
Make the jitters and trembles go away
Calm my worried nerves
And  весёлый my forlon heart.

By: K3ysp3rk©


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